Sales and Leasing Consultant | Ryan Stephens | Johnson Motor Sales, New Richmond, WI

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Ryan Stephens, Sales and Leasing Consultant, Johnson Motor Sales, New Richmond, WI

Ryan Stephens, Sales and Leasing Consultant, Johnson Motor Sales, New Richmond, WI

What made you initially interested to work at Johnson Motors? A long-term career. I was a Police Officer for a couple of years and met the owner one morning and the rest was history.

How have you professionally grown over the past 15 years? My quality of service and my smile has gotten better.

In looking back, have you seen many changes over those years?  The internet has changed the auto buying experience. The vehicles themselves have changed drastically too. When I started we had note cards to write customers’ information on them. I also have a flip phone too…now smartphones only work in the vehicles!

Ryan Stephens, Sales & Leasing Consultant

Ryan Stephens, Sales & Leasing Consultant, Johnson Motor Sales, Started in 2003

From your perspective, what would you say are Johnson Motors’s greatest accomplishments over the years? I would say expanding their company (4 dealerships) and helping the local community. Most of all, seeing the repeat customers coming back due to great customer service in the Sales and Service Departments.

From your experience, what would you tell someone who is looking to work for Johnson Motors? It’s a great company to work for. It’s family owned and everyone smiles and says hello. You aren’t just a number here.

What is one thing you wish you would have known before starting to work for Johnson Motors? Nothing.

Please share one memory of a funny situation/scenario that you’ve encountered, thanks to Johnson Motors, over the last 15 years.   I would love to share stories, but these are between my customers and I. Com on in and have a coffee and cookie with me and I might share a few. 

Describe what Johnson Motors means to you, on a personal level, in 10 words or less. It is a great place to have a rewarding career.