Johnson Motors of Menomonie has the best prices on a Coolant Flush

Johnson Motors of Menomonie Coolant Basics

A coolant flush is the process of draining the vehicle’s old coolant and running clean water through the system to clear it out. Removing dirt, rust, sludge and other sedative is an integral part of keeping your vehicle’s cooling system doin it job right!

Keep Your Vehicle Cool

Coolant runs through water hoses, the water pump, radiator and cooling passages in the engine. This keeps your engine at it’s optimal temperature and reduces the chances of engine issues. Johnson Motors of Menomonie in Menomonie, WI can inspect your cooling system and coolant color to let you know if you’re in need of a flush or not. You can call 877-511-5807 for this and any other service information.

Johnson Motors of Menomonie Coolant Flush

Time for a coolant flush? Check out our newest service coupons for some extra savings before your appointment. Coolant flushes are part of the recommended regular maintenance, by Johnson Motors of Menomonie. Call 877-511-5807 today to schedule.

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