2018 Ford Ecosport Overview

2018 Ford Ecosport Overview and Comparisons

Getting a compact SUV with a whole lotta style and personality just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of the 2018 Ford Ecosport. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, this vehicle is very big where it counts. Plenty of outstanding trim options and great fuel economy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Ecosport. After all, it’s a Ford so you know it’s dependable and built with quality and craftsmanship to back it up.

However, the Ecosport is just more than pop and flash, it is a very practical and affordable vehicle as well. Like we said, the EPA estimated fuel economy of 27 mpg city and 29 mpg highway is pretty remarkable. The MSRP starting price of around $19,995 is pretty outstanding as well and is likely to fit into almost anyone’s new car budget.

2018 Ford Ecosport Models

    • Ford Ecosport S
    • Ford Ecosport SE
    • Ford Ecosport SES
    • Ford Ecosport Titanium

2018 Ford Ecosport Interior Design

Don’t let the compact exterior fool you, the 2018 Ford Ecosport is very big in all areas that count. The Ford Ecosport is very big when it comes to technology. Features like SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility that make accessing all of your entertainment feetures a breeze. Add in the available Wi-Fi hotspot and you can keep in touch with the world around you, no matter where the road takes you.

If you are concerned about cargo space, the Ford Ecosport helps take some of the concern out of the equation. It has 60/40 fold-flat rear seat backs as well as the standard Cargo Management System that features an adjustable rear load floor and shelf that you can use to customize your gear management and storage configuration. To make the absolute most out of your compact SUV, the available Cargo Management Package that offers a cargo net and organizers makes your compact SUV feel very large indeed.

To get the absolute best experience possible with the 2018 Ford Ecosport, choose the SES trim model and get features that set the Ecosport apart from the competition in a very big way. Enjoy features like a moonroof, heated partial leather-trimmed front seats, paddle shifters, a six-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, and leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. All these features, and many others, make for an interior that you are going to love spending time in.

2018 Ford Ecosport Exterior Design

You might not think about safety features as an exterior feature, but the 2018 Ford Ecosport gives you access to the available BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) that works hard to ensure that you and your passengers travel safe at all times. It works with the cross-traffic alert system that uses radar to identify a vehicle detected in your blind spot and alerts you with an indicator light in the appropriate exterior mirror. The Cross-traffic alert feature also uses radar to watch for traffic behind your vehicle as you’re slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway. If cross-traffic sensors detect a vehicle approaching from up to 15 yards away, you will be audibly and visually alerted.

Beyond the sleek lines and excellent color options, the Ecosport SE, SES, and Titanium trim levels include LED signature lighting and halogen projector headlamps that not only work great to give you the absolute best view of the world at night but look great doing it. When the engineers at Ford designed the Ecosport, then left no corner unturned when it comes to giving you the absolute best possible compact SUV on the market today. Just take a look at the unique rear swing gate with hideaway latch and you’ll know what we mean.

All of the great features of the Ford Ecosport SES do not end on the inside,. The exterior of the SES trim features as many impressive exterior features as well. Enjoy your new Ecosport SES and enjoy the curb appeal of the roof-rack side rails with crossbars and 17-inch premium Dark Tarnish-painted metallic wheels that make this compact SUV one that you are going to definitely want to be on the lookout for.

2018 Ford Ecosport Color Options

The only thing that could make the 2018 Ford Ecosport any better is by giving you a great palette of color options that not only accentuate the exterior features but truly bring it all together to create one great looking package. Whether you are looking for a traditional color or something big and bold, you don’t have to be left wanting more when you find or design your perfect new Ford Ecosport. Don’t take our word for it; check out the list of available color options and make a great choice when it comes to designing the perfect vehicle for you life and personality.

Not all colors are available at all trim levels. See dealer for details.

2018 Ford Ecosport Interior Colors

You might think that the exterior color choice is all that it takes to design the perfect compact SUV, but rest assured, the interior color and material design are just as important. A great combination can make any car look great. Take a closer look at the all new Ecosport and all of the interior and exterior color options available on the lot of Johnson Motors today.

      • Canyon Ridge
      • Smoke
      • Shadow Black
      • Lightning Blue
      • Race Red
      • Ruby Red
      • Moondust Silver
      • White Platinum
      • Diamond White
      • Blue Candy

2018 Ford Ecosport Interior Colors

    • Medium Light Stone Cloth
    • Ebony Black Cloth
    • Ebony Black / Copper Partial Leather/Cloth

2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Chevrolet Trax

When it comes to the burgeoning world of subcompact SUVs, it’s hard to make a true splash. That is because many people think they have seen just about everything and have their minds set on what exactly they are looking for. Well, that is all about to change since the introduction of the 2018 Ford Ecosport. This mighty subcompact has loads of great features, an affordable price tag, and great fuel economy to go with it. Now who wouldn’t want that? Take a side by side look with the Chevrolet Trax and see for yourself what sets the Ecosport apart.

A Solid Vehicle For Less

Starting off with a budget in mind is a great way to ensure that you get value for your hard-earned money. After all, who doesn’t like saving money? The 2018 Ford Ecosport helps you do exactly that with a surprisingly affordable MSRP starting price of around $19,995. That means more money left in your pocket for all of the other things you would rather spend it on at the end of the day. The 2018 Chevrolet Trax, while a solid vehicle itself, is priced slightly higher at around $21,000. How much would you like to save?

A Roomy Interior

Roomy is probably not the first thing that you think of when it comes to a subcompact SUV. Well, it’s all about design in this demographic. That means that every inch counts when it comes to cargo space and comfort. When it comes to space, there is no denying that the 2018 Ford Ecosport is the clear winner, giving you an ample 50 square feet of cargo space behind the front seats and 20.9 behind the second row of seats. The 2018 Chevrolet Trax only offers 48.4 and 18.7 respectively.

Bringing it Home

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of what you want and what you are looking to spend for your new vehicle. Getting the right balance of affordability and features is easy when you are working with the right people. That is why at the Johnson Motors family of dealerships, we work hard to give you the selection and the pricing that you deserve. If you haven’t worked with us before, or are a returning customer, we are always happy to serve you the right way.

2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Honda CR-V

Comparing the subcompact with compact crossover, you may think that you know which will come out on top, purely based on size but stay with us for a comparison of the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Honda CR-V and you just may be surprised. In fact, sharing many of the same features, you will immediately appreciate the subcompact price of the Ecosport.

More From The Ecosport

Both offering ten airbags as standard, the benchmark has been set for the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Honda CR-V. Looking closer, you will find a tire pressure monitoring system and standard variable speed intermittent wipers and automatic on/off headlights on the Ford Ecosport. The Ford Ecosport also boasts start/stop technology that saves you fuel when you are stationary. This feature is not accounted for in mileage tests so just imagine how much better you could do than the figures quoted whilst you are stuck in traffic on your daily commute.

Surprising Might From The Ford

Even though the Ford Ecosport is small, it doesn’t get left behind in the comparison of the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Honda CR-V towing capacities. In fact, it holds its own and even surpasses the 1,500 lb limit that the CR-V offers when you choose the 2.0L engine option that comes standard with all wheel drive and a 2,000 lb towing capacity. Small and mighty is the name of the game when it comes to the Ford Ecosport.

Get Your Subcompact Crossover From Johnson Motors

With the sharper pricing and range of included features, you can’t look past the 2018 Ford Ecosport when you are looking for a city vehicle with actual off-road capability. Get yourself moving in this modern, subcompact crossover from Johnson Motors.

2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Honda HR-V

Have you checked out the all new 2018 Ford Ecosport? If not, you really need to get down to Johnson Motors and check one out first hand. This subcompact SUV offers up great fuel economy, driveability, and unparalleled affordability that you just can’t find anywhere else. Get behind the wheel of the Ecosport, and take one for a test drive to see for yourself how it stacks up next to the 2018 Honda HR-V in person; you will be glad that you did.

Fully Functional Cargo Space

In compact and subcompact SUVs, every inch matters when it comes to getting the absolute most usable space out of your vehicle. The 2017 Ford Ecosport allows you to fully customize your cargo space and make the best use possible out of the 50 cubic feet of available cargo space. This means that there is more room to bring all of your things with you no matter where you need to go, and no matter what you need to bring with. It’s kind of like having a fully adjustable peace of mind.

Great Trim Options

When it comes to getting a great-looking SUV, there are plenty of trim options to choose from for 2018 from the Ford Ecosport. With outstanding options like the EcoSport SES, you get a vehicle that is full of features like a standard 2.0L engine, Intelligent 4WD and sport-tuned suspension, partial leather seats, eye-catching copper accents, and bold black exterior details, just to name a few things. A vehicle that looks as good as the Ecosport deserves to be experienced in person.

The Right Trim, The Right Ecosport

It’s true, the 2018 Ford Ecosport is a pretty amazing SUV, but finding the right one for the right price can be a challenge. That is unless you shop with the Johnson Motors family of automotive dealerships. We have plenty of locations to serve you, we offer outstanding service, a great selection, and affordable prices on all vehicles that we sell, just like the Ford Ecosport. Come see us, and get a great deal on the all new Ecosport today.

2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

In the comparison of the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, the Ford jumps out of the gates ready to run. With plenty of safety features and convenience features, the Ecosport definitely deserves a close look. Boasting engine start/stop, variable speed intermittent wipers, and an optional 115 volt charging port the Ecosport is full of modern convenience. All this while being cheaper to purchase, the Ecosport looks like a very attractive package.

Bring It All Along With The Ecosport

Comparing the 2.0L engines on the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, the Ford offering makes more horsepower and torque.The Outlander Sport allows a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 lbs. Even the 1.0L, 3-cylinder in the Ford Ecosport allows you to tow 1,400 lbs, whereas the comparably sized 2.0L offering has a 2,000 lb limit. So when you’ve got fun toys that you need to tow, the Ecosport in SES trim will definitely suit your needs.

More Space In A Smaller Vehicle

More legroom in the front and head room in the front and rear make for a more comfortable drive. In the comparison of the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, the Ford Ecosport is the winner. Smaller in stature, the Ecosport doesn’t let external dimensions hold it back in any way. The cargo carrying capacity behind the rear seat is comparable and with the rear seat folded the Ecosport is marginally larger.

Discover The Ecosport At Johnson Motors

Definitely worth a second look, the city sized 2018 Ford Ecosport offers plenty of advantages over the Outlander Sport. You also get the great value and durability that you have come to expect from Ford. Head in and see just how much you will like the 2018 Ford Ecosport, at Johnson Motors.

2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Toyota CH-R

The micro vehicles of the SUV market, the 2018 Ford Ecosport and the 2018 Toyota CH-R bring plenty of flexibility to economical motoring. When you are looking in this market segment, we know you are looking for compact solutions to allow you to make the most of every mile on the road. These vehicles are nimble and easy to drive. The Ford Ecosport makes the best first impression with the price tag that leaves more in your pocket. Find out more from Johnson Motors.

Take Charge With The Ford Crossover

When you are looking for a compact crossover, the first criteria to fill would be the crossover criteria. The 2018 Toyota CH-R offers no all wheel drive on any of its trims. The base Ecosport is also a front wheel drive, but when you choose the 4 cylinder offering, all wheel drive comes as standard. Unlike other vehicles in this class, the 2018 Ford Ecosport offers a reasonable towing capacity. With 1,400 lbs from the 3 cylinder engine and 2,000 lbs from the 4 cylinder, the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs the 2018 Toyota CH-R is not a level playing field.

Size Really Does Matter In the Ecosport

Comparing space is really important in the subcompact crossover class. Not all are built equally, and this is very apparent in the 2018 Ford Ecosport vs the 2018 Toyota CH-R. Better rear hip and legroom, front head and shoulder room and a larger passenger volume will greet you in the Ford Ecosport. You will also find better cargo volume behind the rear seat and with the rear seat folded, the 2018 Ford Ecosport boasts a huge 50 cubic feet of space. At almost fourteen cubic feet more than the CH-R, there is no competition.

Test Drive Today At Johnson Motors

So just because it’s small doesn’t mean that you have to miss out when you choose the 2018 Ford Ecosport. Get a full demonstration of all the clever, space saving features at Johnson Motors today.

2018 Ford Ecosport vs 2018 Toyota CH-R

Are you one of the many people interested in the world of subcompact SUVs? If so, we don’t blame you. These are some pretty remarkable vehicles in that they are affordable, economical, and let’s face it, fun to drive. Take for example the all new 2018 Ford Ecosport and all that it has to offer. Now, compare it side by side with another heavyweight in this demographic, like the 2018 Toyota CH-R. After all, there is no better way to get the right vehicle than a side by side comparison.

A Great Place to Start

It can be easy to start out your search for a new vehicle by pricing yourself out of your budget. Everyone promises the best of everything, but often times getting an outstanding vehicle is a matter of comparison. In that way, the Ford Ecosport is a clear winner in the area of quality for an affordable price. With a MSRP starting price of around $19,995, getting the right vehicle for the right price is easy. The Toyota CH-R, on the other hand, comes in considerably higher to the tune of $22,500.

Compact Only In Name

For those out there that are concerned about having enough room for all of their gear, the 2018 Ford Ecosport has you covered. With an ample 50 cubic feet of available cargo space and 20.9 cubic feet behind the rear seat. When you compare that to the Toyota CH-R 36.4 and 19 cubic feet respectively, the choice is clear which one is the right one for you. Why feel cramped and undersized when you can find room for it all with an Ecosport?

Your Home For The All New Ecosport

If you love getting a great deal on an outstanding vehicle, then you need to make your way to one of the lots of the Johnson Motors family of dealerships. No matter which one of the locations that you visit, you will get the same great quality of service and affordable prices. We pride ourselves in matching you with the vehicle of your dreams for less without all of the stress and pressure that you get from the other guys.