Ford Lease Support is in New Richmond

April 22nd, 2022 by

When the time comes for the next Ford Lease, Johnson Motors has you covered. We believe financing and test-driving a vehicle should be a fun and easy process. That’s why we provide personalized financing tools and resources, and why we’re here to answer your pressing questions about the purchasing and leasing process. Find out more about your end-of-lease options in New Richmond today.

End of Lease Options

There are many benefits to leasing a vehicle, like big savings and access to the newest models on the market. But what do you do with the car when the lease comes to an end? Here are your top end-of-lease options.

  • Return the Vehicle: If you’re not ready for the next ride, that’s okay. When your lease is over, you can simply bring your car down to our dealership and return it. We’ll be here to help you when the time comes for a new car.
  • Purchase the Vehicle: Most leases last two to five years, but if you really like your car then you’re in luck. One of the common end-of-lease choices you can pick is to purchase your vehicle. The amount you’ve paid throughout the lease will be deducted from the cost of the car, which means you may see big savings on a vehicle you already love.
  • Trade it In: The most common end-of-lease decision you can make is to trade your vehicle in for a new ride. One of the best parts of leasing is that you’ll always have access to new Ford cars, with the latest in safety, entertainment, and performance technology. Trade in your current lease for an upgrade that can’t be beat.

Learn more about leasing and Ford financing and take home the perfect new vehicle for all your driving needs with the support of Johnson Motors today.

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